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    Kevin Carlson
    3905 W 49th St.
    Sioux Falls, SD 57106
    Direct:(605) 330-0133
    Office:(605) 275-2467
    Fax:(605) 275-2466
    Email: kcarlson@plainscommerce.com
    NMLS #: 22004

    Meet Kevin Carlson. Mortgage banker, husband, dad and marching band dude – Kevin does it all. On top of coaching award-winning marching bands and driving his kids to events, Kevin has been helping people find the best home loans since 1997. He is not only knowledgeable of the mortgage industry, but has a serious knack for making the complex simple; a trait his customers have grown to love him for. Whether you are financing your third home or buying your first, give Kevin a call with any home financing questions.


    Plains Commerce Bank (NMLS #463950)
    3905 W 49th St, Sioux Falls, SD  57106
    Direct:  (605) 330-0133
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